What’s up September 2011

Residential FarmHello Folks

Yes I know it has been 9 month since I posted my last and first blog. Of course much has happend since, the trip to Hawaii was fantastic. Lily and I celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary in May with yet another trip to Europe. High lights were Weissbier and Weisswurst in Bavaria, Rabbit Stew in Strassbourg, Risotto with Burning Nettels in Italy as well lots of Chocolate and Coffee in Swizerland.
During the summer, busines and pleasere were good and I am still teaching students at George Brown College the basics of cooking.
Last week through my association with Transition Town Peterbnorough I was involved in organising our first Purple Onion local and slow food festival. The purpose was to promote local farmers and business. With the help of Fleming College students we served 2 dishes with mostly organic and local ingredients. A handout of recipes with nutrient and cost comparison to a fast food meal was well received by a happy crowd.

Gardening: I had enough of weeding in our front lawn and not reeping any benefits, as of this summer we now have a fruit and vegetable garden. Come by and see it, the Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley… are thriving. Our local TV station ChexTv did a copple of segments about the garden and  preserving herbs. Here is the link if you are interested..


OK, signing off


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