The Benefit of Chewing

This article appeared originally in Table Talk issue 1,  2003

Please re-enjoy!

The Benefit of Chewing

For some, eating is strictly the means of survival and for others it is viewed as one of the enjoyments of the day. Eating habits vary and we adapt most of them in our younger years at the family table.

With our busy lives: parents working, commuting, and after school and after dinner activities for kids, the traditional family meal around the table seems to be more and more a thing of the past. We have developed into a rush rush society.

Eating on the run has become a term of our times. Not only are we losing the tradition of sitting around the table and discussing family stuff we are also missing out on the enjoyment of eating our food. Meals are eaten in record times and by doing so the food we eat is not getting the appreciation and the appropriate attention it deserves.

Nutritionists are telling us that digestion starts in the mouth. By chewing food well and adding vital digestive juices which are found in saliva we provide the stomach with easy digestible material. As well, by chewing your food in to a fine mash your taste buds will register the flavours of the food you are eating.

Finally, you will spend more time with the ones you love most around your dinner table and perhaps have some good Table Talk.


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