Table Talk #10

Schubert’s Fine Foods NEWSLETTER #10
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Season’s Greetings !

Dear Reader,

I trust all is well with you.

The year is just about at the end and I am glad to say, it was a good one. Lily and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a fantastic trip, taking our teenage kids to Europe, visiting places like Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, Italy, and of course my beloved Bavaria.

Business is good and I still teach cooking at Toronto’s George Brown College.

Life is Good!

It is already the beginning of December and the holidays are imminent. If you have not planned your party yet or you are not quite sure if, what, or how you might be celebrating, give us a call. We‘ll be happy helping you to plan, put a personal menu together as well arrange for rentals and service. Perhaps all you need is a couple of our savoury pies or some of our delicious Schubert’s Chocolate Kisses. (see more information below )

Food and Wine

This past fall we have catered several food and wine tasting events. A lot of fun was had by everyone. You get to taste a variety of delicious food samplings and pair them with the wine of your choice. Just give us a call or e-mail and we’ll be happy to plan any event with you.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading and find something interesting in Table Talk # 10. Cheers and have a happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year


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Table Talk #9

Schubert’s Fine Foods NEWSLETTER # 9

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you and your families are all well. It has been over one year since I sent out the last Table Talk newsletter and I am excited to resume my writing career.

Every so often when I am in the kitchen preparing dinner for my family or clients, I do something interesting and say to myself, “This skill or recipe is perfect for me to share in my newsletter.” So here is issue # 9 for you to learn new recipes and useful tips to apply in your kitchen.

If you have any comments or requests for future issues of Table Talk feel free to drop me a line. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Enjoy and pass it on to your friends.



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Table Talk #8

Table Talk Newsletter:  Issue #8 (September 2004)

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another Table Talk!

Since the last newsletter was sent out, we have had an especially rainy summer here in Peterborough. Yes, we too were effected by the flood and have been without the use of our basement since July. Fortunately, we had insurance coverage. Besides the flooding, we have had a good summer. Lily and I had a great week cycling in southwestern Ontario including Pelee Island where we enjoyed some lovely wine, at the source.

Fall is in full swing which again takes me to Toronto two days a week, teaching cooking at George Brown College. The garden needs to be put to bed and the holiday season is on the horizon.

For those of you who plan to entertain over the holiday season and enjoy yourselves without breaking the bank or your back, I have designed a selection of affordable and delicious appetizers and menus for you to consider.

How about this to get you in to the mood?

Warm potato and corn pancake with smoked salmon, pressed chives yogurt
Roasted duck breast with black current glaze
Chocolate mousse meringue cake with raspberries coulis

For more appetizers and menus ideas visit our website or give me a call.

We have also started taking orders for the ever popular Schubert’s Chocolate Kisses. These rich and smooth delights of Belgium chocolate come in a gift wrapped box of 15 kisses. A perfect present to friends, family, coworkers and clients (or yourself).

Call, e-mail or fax your order. Pick up, or have them delivered at a small charge.

A Kiss for a Dollar plus Tax.

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Table Talk #7

Table Talk Newsletter:  Issue #7 (June 2004)

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Dear Reader:

Time has flown by since I sent you the last Table Talk newsletter.

Spring has come and gone and during it we had a successful kitchen renovation in our home. Cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliances … (more about it in the future). Summer is here and we have booked some lovely catered events over the next few months. Some dates are still available, so call us if you are thinking of entertaining.

On Saturday, July 24th 2004 we will again participate at the annual Fiesta Buckhorn fund-raiser at the beautiful Buckhorn Community Centre. This is the prime wine and food event of the summer in the Kawarthas. Wineries, breweries and food service companies are providing food and beverages while a live jazz band looks after the entertainment.

Also, watch out for the annual Peterboroug h Art Gallery auction coming up in October. We again will be contributing this year to the success of this event by providing the food.

Last winter I sent a letter to various politicians in Ottawa stating my concern about the safety of farm raised fish and other farmed animals for human consumption. I have had replies from the 3 ministries, assuring me that strict controls and rules are in place to guarantee a safe supply of food whether sourced from oceans or farms.

If you have any concerns, comments or feedback I am always pleased to hear from you. I hope you enjoy this Table Talk.

Güntherimage of mushroom

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Table Talk #6

Table Talk Newsletter:  Issue #6 (March 2004)

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Dear Reader,

We are pleased to send you Table Talk # 6 with the hope that you enjoy reading it and find the culinary tid-bits both interesting and useful.

It was only a year ago when we published the first Table Talk. Your encouraging feedback makes it worthwhile for me to sit at the keyboard and write about issues I am passionate about. I feel fortunate for the knowledge I have gained over the last 30 years as a chef, culinary teacher and cook in my own household and am delighted to share some of it with you.

Sending you Table Talk every few months also gives me the opportunity to introduce the various products and services, Schubert’s Fine Foods is pleased to offer you.

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Table Talk #5

Table Talk Newsletter:  Issue #5 (December 2003)

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image of appleDear Reader

As Christmas kicks in to high gear I must get this Newsletter written and send it to you with a little note —

I would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Again, thank-you for the feed back I have received. Many of you remarked on how helpful the Refrigeration Management article was from Table Talk # 4. I was sure there would be many of you who would identify with this challenge, besides myself.

Recently I was asked for an alternate type of pie crust. (Be patient Tom, I think it is a good topic to write about and I will get something together for the future.) If you have a special request for a recipe or any food related question, contact me and I will gladly respond.

Christmas is a particularly busy time for caterers. Many corporate and private parties are held all over town and we at Schubert’s have been booking numerous exciting events. Show your appreciation and gratitude to your employees, your friends or family with a specially catered meal by Schubert’s.

Call or e-mail us to reserve a date and I’ll get started on your menu design.


image of christmas tree

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Table Talk #4

Table Talk Newsletter:  Issue #4 (August 2003)

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Dear Reader;

After a busy summer of catering, consulting, cooking classes and some quality family time I am pleased to send you Table Talk # 4. We have had encouraging feed back and knowing that some of you enjoy the recipes makes it worthwhile spending the time to write this. Of course this also gives me the opportunity to remind you of the services we offer.

Today there are many catering companies to choose from, offering a wide range of services and styles at various levels of quality and cost. Schubert’s Fine Foods is for many just another caterer. Although unlisted in the local telephone directory and operating with only a small advertising budget we have established ourselves in the community and proven to be a caterer of choice for special events. Whether the party is large or small, serving a flavour packed cocktail party, a fancy dinner for 10, or a tasty buffet dinner for 100, we always aim to outdo ourselves.

The cooking classes we offer are mostly custom designed. Cooking enthusiasts with access to a good size and well designed kitchen may want to remember this — You invite a group of your friends and family over for an interactive cooking class, learning skills, tricks, and recipes of your choice. We do the dinner, you do the wine.

You might be annoyed at me for reminding you that Christmas is less than 4 months from today. Take a few minutes and think about any entertaining plans you have before or during the holiday reason. If you are not sure, but are interested in using our catering services give us a call to reserve a date. Menu and details may be worked out later.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Table Talk and wish you good luck preparing any of the recipes. Please pass it along to your friends.

Güntherimage of mushrooms

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